Improved protease substrates

Ultra-high-specificity enzyme substrates:  Artificial enzyme substrates (protease and kinase substrate peptides, etc.) have been the key to many advances in modern biology and biotechnology.  Yet, useful as they are, many of these substrates have sub optimal specificity.  There is too much cross-reaction with non-target enzymes.  This makes the analysis of complex biochemical pathways difficult.  It makes the creation of proteomic microarrays for complex enzymatic pathways nearly impossible.

Molecular Pathways has devised generalized methods for rapidly developing new, ultra-high-specificity, enzyme substrates (patent pending) (text).  These ultra-high-specificity substrates may be used for improved proteomic microarrays, traditional microwell assays, or any application where improved specificity is desired. 

A PowerPoint presentation with animated graphics, illustrating the concept, can be downloaded here.

Diagram showing a protease substrate fitting into the active site of a protease enzyme.